Solar Cynergy 120watt 12volt Monocrystalline Flexible-Bendable Solar Panel

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  • UPC: 611051237354
  • Manufacturer Part No: 120watt
  • Description: • Solar CYNERGY 120W Flexible Solar Panels are perfect for Solar Generating Installs! • They are equipped with MC4 Connectors make it easy to connect this unit to the solar cables in seconds which makes them ideal when used with a group(s) of other panels. • Solar CYNERGY 120W Solar Panels have several uses including marine, dry camp, and other off & on-grid applications. • Solar CYNERGY flexible panels will give you the most efficiency per space and have the ability to withstand extreme elements and severe weather. • These solar panels also have the capability of withstanding heavy snow and strong wind loads.
  • Flexible design lends itself to Marine and Motor Home applications
  • Suited for all Environments
  • Durable surface is less than 1/8" / 2.5mm thick
  • Suitable for marine use: the laminate coating on the exterior of the panel makes it impervious to saltwater splashing, rain, and other weather elements.
  • Lightweight 82 % lighter than aluminium glass solar modules

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