PLSN314 - PLUS N-314 Series Electronic Copyboard

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  • UPC: 817371012309
  • Manufacturer Part No: N314
  • Description: Specifically designed for offices or environments where protecting your information is top priority. Electronic copyboard features four writing panels, full security features and Smartphone functions. Alpha-numeric characters and special symbols can be used for password, instead of alpha only characters. Password validity time period can be adjusted. SSL Security-data is transferred in encrypted format. Intelligent Card lets you initiate scan to FTP server. Up to 100 users can be programmed into the board. Meeting notes can be saved to a specific FTP site or the board's memory. More than one FTP site can be accessed by the board. Stand sold separately (PLUS 423084). Board Type: Electronic Dry Erase; Board Width: 58 3/10"; Board Height: 39 2/5"; Board Depth: 5 1/2".

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